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Frequently Asked Questions

The SIUE School of Pharmacy Office of Continuing Pharmacy Education currently offers both live and distance (home-based) activities.  All the activities are offered for continuing pharmacy education credit.   
In Live programming, participants are required to come to a specific site for a set number of hours to participate in a CE activity. In some instances, the live CE activity will be hosted on the internet, and participants will be required to log in to a secure website for the CE activity.  For live activities, participants will be required to attend all portions of of the activity for which they would like to receive credit, and to fill out an activity evaluation form.  
Home programming is designed to update pharmacists' knowledge of current concepts in pharmacy at their own pace, and in their own environment, without having to attend a live event.  The courses will consist of written material covering a given subject, along with a post-test. Some home study courses may include audio and/or a visual aids. 

The number and types of continuing pharmacy education (CPE) hours required to renew a pharmacy license vary by state.  For specific information on your state requirements, view the NABP web site ate

Individual states determine the number of contact hours needed per renewal period, and the content and types of activities that are acceptable.  Please contact your state board for the most up to date requirements for content (e.g. HIV/AIDS), type (live vs. home CPE requirements) etc., and what accrediting bodies they will accept.

To determine if a activity is accredited by ACPE, look for the ACPE logo and a fourteen digit program number on information brochures about the activity. If the program number is followed by a "P", it is accredited for pharmacists. If the program number is followed by a "T", it is approved for technicians.  Some programs may be accredited for both pharmacists and technicians.

The ACPE and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) have developed an electronic continuing pharmacy education (CPE) tracking service, CPEMonitor, that authenticates and stores data for completed CPE units received by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians from ACPE-accredited providers. In many instances, providers no longer provide statements of credit.  However, you can print a statement of credit from your NABP CPE Monitor account if you need one for your records.  All pharmacists requesting CPE credits are required to have a CPEMonitor number.    For more information and to register, go to

Yes. The programs are approved for CPE credit in Illinois and in every state and territory that accepts Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) accredited programs.

ACPE is the national accrediting agency for pharmacy continuing pharmacy education. ACPE assures the quality of continuing pharmacy education programs by evaluating the providers of CPE and by monitoring the quality of their educational activities. ACPE also provides a basis for uniform acceptance of CPE credits among the states. The SIUE School of Pharmacy is an ACPE-approved provider.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an approach to lifelong learning currently under discussion as a potential model for pharmacists in the United States. CPD will not replace continuing pharmacy education (CPE), but CPE will be an essential component of CPD. Its purpose is to ensure that pharmacists maintain their knowledge, skills, and competencies to practice throughout their careers in their specific area of practice, to improve the pharmacist's personal performance, and ultimately to improve patient and public health outcomes. 

Yes, you can register for programs offered by SIUE School of Pharmacy on the website   We accept payment through Visa, Mastercard and Discovery which can be completed during the online registration.  
Director of Continuing Pharmacy Education
SIUE School of Pharmacy
200 University Park Drive, Box 2000
Edwardsville, IL 62026 

Here is a short piece on how CPE Monitor works.  Copy this link to your browser